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What We Do

iPassport provide solutions that enable organisations to implement digital identity technologies.

We work with customers to identity their specific requirements to ensure that the solutions we provide maximise the benefits of implementing digital identity. Our solutions are designed to facilitate rapid implementation whilst minimising the risk and cost typically associated with the application of new and emerging technologies.

Launched in 2018, iPassport has developed a suite of software and services which provide identification, identity verification, and self-sovereign identity capabilities. Our software and services are used by systems integrators across a diverse range of sectors for a variety of different use-cases, from verifying an operatives eligibility to enter a construction site to identifying a passenger when boarding an aircraft.


Why iPassport

The digital identity revolution offers a world of benefits for both organisations and individuals – but implementation can be challenging. Navigating the plethora of vendors and solutions can be overwhelming, and the continually evolving technological standards can present risk to business-critical operations in real-word scenarios.

iPassport understand the complexity and considerations associated with change. We work closely with our customers to understand their individual business needs, identify and mitigate risk, and provide protection from the challenges of working with new and emerging technologies. Our vendor-agnostic solutions allow our customers to switch providers without disruption to their operations, stimulating competition by preventing vendor lock-in.


Our Solutions

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