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Welcome to iPassport Ltd. 

We are a startup company with a fresh outlook on the technical era we currently live in. We believe in opportunities that deliver a better customer experience whilst giving organisations more peace of mind that their products and services are performing as well as they would like them to. We also believe that we're the people to help make this happen. 

Founded in 2017 by a group of creative and technical heads and later incorporated in 2018, iPassport is already leading major changes in the way industries are developing and using biometric identities. The solutions our company have designed and tested have already achieved multiple “world first” accolades with plenty more on the horizon.  

Want to know more about the solutions we offer? Then click below to find out more. 

Solutions by iPassport

The iPassport company are always developing new and innovative solutions in the biometrics and identity space. To see the solutions we currently offer please click below to see more.

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About iPassport 

Whether you're interested in finding our more about how we started and where we came from then please head over to the about section by using the link below.

Find out more about the company

iPassport currently has two solutions; Cognosco and Stashd. They can can be used independently or can work alongside each other. For more information please visit our websites.