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Our History 

A message from our founder...

Queuing at the door of the venue, I patted down every inch to find my wallet, but to no avail, it was gone. Not only had I lost my ticket, I was also not able to show my ID to prove to staff I had a ticket, as they were both together in the same physical wallet. The next day I spent hours on hold to multiple banks to freeze my cards and re-issue new ones. Not to mention the charges and and weeks it took for a new drivers license to arrive. 2 weeks without any proof of ID.

After the frustration had worn off, my thoughts turned to how often this must happen, there must be a solution. We all have digital wallets on our smartphones, whether for loyalty cards or memberships, bank cards or subscriptions, so why in this day-and-age is digital ID not as readily available? If I had a digital wallet on my phone, I could have a replicated copy within 24 hours, safe in the knowledge that the data on my lost phone was secured with biometrics.

I soon formalised a team to realise the idea and following 2 years of intensive research and development, the first version of Stashd was officially released, allowing individuals to save digital representations of passports, tickets, confirmations and any other document issued by an organisation, in a safe and secure digital wallet.

Joshua Noon
iPassport Founding Member



Our Story So Far

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